About Us

Personalized Wine Team
WineGreeting was started in a rural part of San Diego, California. (Yes, there is a rural area in San Diego!) The Levi family added a small vineyard to their property and would have wine parties filled with picking, stomping, and of course drinking each summer with family and friends. Each harvesting season, the founder, Ken Levi, would create a unique label for that season’s blend. (Hello Merlot! and Pirates of the Cabernet were huge hits! As was the CharDawnay named after our own president.) Soon after, friends began asking for their own customized wine labels. It was then that the occasions to send this unique and personalized gift seemed endless. And this is where WineGreeting began its mission to give YOU the chance to create your own personalized wine bottle.


Dawn founded the company alongside Ken Levi. (Yep, they’re married!) Dawn's passion for helping people has made her the perfect supreme commander of customer service. (She is a former volunteer attorney for a non-profit.) She is guaranteed to keep the office buzzing with energy whenever you slip her a warm cup of hot chocolate.


Adriene is our first line of defense against typos and upside down photos. Her masterful graphic skills transform each wine label into a work of art. She is our go-to gal for anything and everything. She does it all! Copious amounts of coffee help! Her ideal day? A tennis match on a sunny day with a cold beer chaser. Then some snuggle time with her adorable cats. Awwww...

Marketing Director

Victoria’s strong sense of linguistics and knowledge of the ABCs make her a great addition to the WineGreeting team. She creates and manages our email campaigns, FaceBook and Instagram posts and keeps our website looking and running great! She is the proud parent to a beautiful, black cat, Chloe Valentine, who often clogs her own instagram feed. If you think she looks like Dawn and Ken, it's not a coindence. Nepotism at work here.

Compliance Officer

We love having Kelly's positive energy around! It sure helps as she deals with state laws and jumps through all of their licensing hoops. Her skills allow us to ship each delicious bottle of wine to you! Kelly loves quilting and snuggling with her dogs; Sasha and Scooter. The office is constantly satisfying their sweet tooth with her mouthwatering baked goods.

Chief Financial Officer

Ken has his hand in furniture design AND winemaking. His creativity, communication skills and sense of humor lead our team in every project. If Ken is not working, you can find him on the tennis courts, cooking his family a delicous meal or playing COD. (You know who you are.) Coffee plays an important role in his life as well.