Where can I find my UPS tracking number?

You won't receive tracking information as soon as your order is created. You will receive your tracking information in an email from UPS once we ship your custom wine bottle the same day or next after we have begun processing your order. If you do not, please check your spam folder. (It makes UPS sad, but their email can end up there.) You can contact us as well and we would be happy to provide you with that information.

What are some tips I should know when creating my personalized label?

The title you select for your label will not show up on your wine label. The title is used for us to locate your label if you're having trouble. It also helps you distinguish between which label goes to Uncle Roy and which label is for your mom. It is best to save the label you have created so that we may be able to find it later if you need us to.

It is usually best to select the largest font that still allows your wording to fit on a label. A wine label is pretty small and so the font is even smaller. We do adjust font size if we need to when we look over labels, but we do not want to alter your label too much! If we do, we will contact you for your approval.

Your label will look best if you crop your photo so that the people or focal point are as large as possible. Crop your photo so that extraneous things are not in the photo. Again, a wine label is small and you want your sweetheart to see herself, not the brick wall next her.

Leave us any comments about your order at checkout under, yes, you got it! - order comments. Let us know if you need your order delivered at a later date in the month or year, if you need your order as fast as possible, or anything else we should know. (We are happy to do all we can to help the procrastinators out there!)

How do I upload a label I created on my own?

You will find the tab "Upload Your Own Label" on our menu bar. Click on the tab and follow the instructions. Our pixel requirements are 1250 x 1560. If your image is larger, you can upload it and we contact you if there are any size or quality issues.

What type of Growlers do you sell?

We sell a gorgeous, high-quality 64 ounce glass growler. Each one is deeply etched with your unique design! Unlike screen printing, the design won't wash away.Save


I'm buying multiple bottles for an event, is there a discount?

Yes, there is a discount if you purchase multiple personalized bottles. The more wine bottles you purchase, the lower the cost for each bottle becomes. You can find our wine prices above in the menu bar.

How are my personalized labels applied to the wine bottle?

Each customized wine bottle is created by hand. We print your custom design onto our high-quality wine labels. We then polish your wine bottle to ensure it leaves our warehouse in a squeaky clean condition. We hand apply each wine label to ensure each bottle is no less than perfect. It is packed into an eco-friendly box, and voila! Your WineGreeting is sent on its way to you.

Do you charge a set up fee? How much do you charge for helping with my label?

We do not charge a set up fee. We do not charge if we help you with your label. We are just nice like that. We even look at every label and edit it if necessary. We will increase your font size or center your message if necessary. We check to make sure your photo is upright, centered and looking its best! We will contact you if we have any questions. Typos do happen and we try our best to have your back!

How do you make your etched wine bottles and etched beer growlers?

There are many steps to creating your custom etched wine bottle or beer growler! It's a very interesting and fun process. The first step is to create a vinyl film with your unique design. A custom template is printed with your desired design. We then place the vinyl and template under a special light to ensure the design is transferred properly. The film is then washed with water in a high pressure machine. This is when we get to visibly see the custom artwork come to life on the vinyl film! The second step is to attach the vinyl film to your wine bottle or beer growler. This part takes time and we do it carefully to ensure no bubbles are present and the design is straight. Step three is the most fun! We place the wine bottle or growler in our sandblasting machine. We slip on big fancy gloves (to protect our hands) and use high-pressure sand to deeply etch the custom design onto the glass. --This is where our process is unique! Unlike screen printing, or laser etching - our sandblasting machine creates a deeply etched design unique to the sand we use that gives each growler or wine bottle a deep design that will last for years to come!-- The fourth step is to spray paint the etched design. We love to enhance your personalized creation with spray paint to ensure a beautiful gift that attracts attention! Step five is when the growler or wine bottle is then cleaned of all vinyl remnants, placed into a box, and carefully packaged to ensure safe shipment to you! The final step? You get to fill your gorgeous growler and drink the delicious beer inside! Or grab the wine opener and pop the cork over a delicious dinner.

Can I just make my own label at home?

You can. But it will take you a long time and never look as good as ours. :) We are professionals and have worked for a long time to perfect the process. Years ago when we started making our own labels for the wine we made for family and friends, we could never create a quality label with our basic printer and labels from Staples. For our business we purchased a special, food quality printer (now we have several) and equally high-quality labels. They really do make a difference and look vibrant and colorful! We also have hundreds of templates to help you create the perfect label with just the right saying. (Check out some quotes and sayings under 'Words to Inspire' on the menu bar.)

Will there be billing information in my package?

No. We do not include any billing information in the package we ship to you or your lucky recipient. We will place a beautiful note card in each box to let the recipient know who sent them their WineGreeting.

May I purchase a personalized label only?

At this time, we do not sell personalized wine labels only at WineGreeting.com. However we are happy to announce, that we sell them on our Etsy shop. So please visit us there for many custom wine label options! Click here for our Etsy Shop

How can WineGreeting help me with my order?

We are happy to help in any way we can. Really! We love what we do and strive to exceed our customers' expectations. We have had customers mail a photo or invitation in the mail to us and we make their label. Not everyone is computer savvy, but everyone wants a WineGreeting! We happily look over each label to make sure there are no typos and the label will look its best. (OK, we do miss typos sometimes, but we try!) We frequently email or call customers to clarify addresses, delivery dates or UPS shipping times. We want this personalized wine bottle to look as perfect as you do!

Do I need to be 21 years old to purchase a custom bottle of wine?

Yes, you do need to be 21 years or older to purchase a WineGreeting. It is wine, after all! Shipping carriers will also require that someone at least 21 years old is present to sign for delivery.

What is your return policy?

We get it. You have purchased a really cool and unique bottle of wine. You can't wait to give it to your friend, mother, boyfriend, wife, husband, coworker, boss, sister, brother-in-law... Or whoever that special someone is... They deserve a wonderfully personalized and special gift. But then something goes wrong. Who could have seen it coming? We realize that as perfect as we are, we do make mistakes. We want to make it right. We are happy to correct any mistake we have made. If there was a typo or mistake on your part we try to correct that too!

If UPS is not able to obtain an adult signature and your order is returned to us, we will not be able to offer a refund for this personalized product. We are happy to reship your wine to an address you choose. UPS will charge another shipping fee as this is a new shipment for them. We will not charge to make a new personalized bottle, if necessary.


How much will it cost to ship my wine?

For shipping rates please visit our Shipping Estimator page. Shipping wine is a higher cost than shipping other products. Federal and state laws require a shipper to obtain an adult signature. They are not allowed to leave a wine delivery at the door. UPS charges a fee for this service and it is included in the shipping quote. Please contact us if you have any further questions. We sure wish it was cheaper! When we get as big as Amazon, we can work a deal with UPS. (We can dream can't we?)

What if I cannot be home to sign for my WineGreeting?

If you've ordered a custom beer growler, have no fear! UPS will leave your package for you.

However, if you're purchased a personalized wine bottle and then realize that you (or your Aunt Sue) will not be home to sign for your wine. Call us right away! If we have not shipped your order, we can simply change the address. If we have shipped your order, we can do two things to assist you.

1. We can have it held at a UPS shipping facility (not a UPS store) at no additional cost for you to pick up. If your order is held at a UPS store, they will most likely charge a fee when you pick it up.

2. We can have the delivery address changed and UPS charges $12.50 for this service.

Keep in mind - UPS will make 3 attempts to deliver your personalized wine bottle. If they are not able to obtain an adult signature, they will return your order to us. But wait! There is still hope. We monitor all deliveries and will have your order held at a shipping facility until you are able to pick it up.

How long will it take to get my personalized bottle of wine?

After receiving your order, our processing time to create your custom wine bottle is 1 - 4 business days. Personalized wine labels take 1-2 business days to create. Our custom etched growlers and etched wine bottles take 1-4 business days to create.


After your order is created, the delivery time will depend on the option you select. For example: If you choose 2nd Day Air at checkout, the shipping time will take 2 days. This does not effect how long it takes us to process your order. You will receive an email from UPS with your tracking information when we ship your order. It may be hiding in your spam folder though! If you need your order by a certain date, please let us know! We will do whatever we can to help you get your order when you need it.


You can see how long it will take UPS to deliver your order using GROUND delivery on our shipping page. (See our Shipping Calculator Here)

Can you leave the package at my door?

If you've ordered a personalized wine bottle, then no. We cannot leave your WineGreeting at the door or on your porch or under the oak tree to the left of your driveway... It is a legal requirement that someone at least 21 years old sign for the delivery. Not home during the day? It may be easier to send the bottle of wine to a business where you know someone will be available to sign for the wine. Or we can ship directly to the nearest UPS Customer Service Center where you would have 5 business days to pick up your wine. UPS offers other delivery services as well. If you contact us, we can help you decide what address would be best. If however, you've ordered a custom beer growler, UPS will leave your package for you if you're not home!

Can you ship packages to the state where I live?

Our personalized beer growlers ship to each state in the U.S.! Wine is a different story as there are many regulations. Therefore, we ship wine in accordance with each state's alcohol regulation policy. We ship to all states in the U.S. with the exception of: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Utah. (We are currently adding Pennsylvania to our list of states we ship to!) Live in a state we don't ship to and want more information regarding the legality of shipping? (or what you can do to help open up your state), please visit http://freethegrapes.org/

Do you ship internationally?

We do not ship internationally. We ship within the United States only. For a complete list of where in the United States we ship see the our Shipping page

How will my package look upon delivery?

We realize that many of our orders will be gifts and mailed directly to your lucky recipient, so your package will be shipped in a box that upon opening is a beautiful presentation. We use environmentally-friendly packaging that also ensures your personalized wine bottle will arrive in a perfect condition. The wine is delicious, the thought is very sweet, but appearances matter too!


I am buying gifts for many lucky people! How does shipping to multiple addresses work?

If you are going to create many personalized wine bottles and are sending each WineGreeting to a different location, then you will need to make separate orders for each individual address the wine bottles are being shipped to. If you have many addresses with the same label, please contact us and we can make your ordering process easier!

I am shipping multiple wine bottles to the same address, is this less expensive?

Yes, it is. UPS attaches a $5 fee to obtain an adult signature to each shipment of wine. If you have multiple bottles in one order, they do not charge the signature for each bottle. The shipping fee increases slightly for each additional bottle. This means more wine for less! So go ahead, add the second (or third…) bottle.