Unique Wine Gifts - Every Bottle Tells a Story... Tell Yours!

One of a Kind Wine Gifts
Personalize a wine bottle with your own images and text. Choose from a variety of easy to use custom wine templates.  Even upload your image to create the perfect customized bottle of wine!  You also choose the hand dipped wax top  color for the perfect match.  Each bottle is  shipped with loving kindness in an environmentally  friendly box too.




1-2     29.95
3-5   24.95
6-11   19.95
12-99   15.95
100+   11.95
If you are feeling super creative then you can create the entire label yourself and upload it to us.  We will put that awesome creation on a delicious bottle of California wine and ship it  pronto! 
We ship most orders in 2-3 business days.  Did you procrastinate?  Leave  a note in the comment section and we will do our best to  rush, rush, rush!


We go through a very extensive selection process to make sure that the wine inside is as thoughtful as the label that you created.  Sure, we could put some inexpensive wine and charge less!  But that is not the Winegreeting way or the experience we want you to have when you share your bottle.  Your WineGreeting is fabulous from the top of the hand dipped wax top to the last drop at the bottom of wine inside.  Try it and you will know!