Shipping Estimator

  • UPS Ground Shipping: $9.00

**Can’t find your state? It is because the federal government does not allow us to ship to you.

The laws vary depending upon the state in which your leave. For example, it is a felony to ship to Utah. There are seven other states that prohibit us from shipping wine to you.

Want to petition to get your state approved? Visit

Ground delivery transit times

What if I cannot be home to sign for my WineGreeting?

If you've ordered a custom beer growler, have no fear! UPS will leave your package for you.

However, if you're purchased a personalized wine bottle and then realize that you (or your Aunt Sue) will not be home to sign for your wine. Call us right away! If we have not shipped your order, we can simply change the address. If we have shipped your order, we can do two things to assist you.

1. We can have it held at a UPS shipping facility (not a UPS store) at no additional cost for you to pick up. If your order is held at a UPS store, they will most likely charge a fee when you pick it up.

2. We can have the delivery address changed and UPS charges $12.50 for this service.

Keep in mind - UPS will make 3 attempts to deliver your personalized wine bottle. If they are not able to obtain an adult signature, they will return your order to us. But wait! There is still hope. We monitor all deliveries and will have your order held at a shipping facility until you are able to pick it up.

How much will it cost to ship my wine?
For shipping rates please visit our Shipping Estimator page. Shipping wine is a higher cost than shipping other products. Federal and state laws require a shipper to obtain an adult signature. They are not allowed to leave a wine delivery at the door. UPS charges a fee for this service and it is included in the shipping quote. Please contact us if you have any further questions. We sure wish it was cheaper! When we get as big as Amazon, we can work a deal with UPS. (We can dream can't we?)
I am shipping multiple wine bottles to the same address, is this less expensive?
Yes, it is. UPS attaches a $5 fee to obtain an adult signature to each shipment of wine. If you have multiple bottles in one order, they do not charge the signature for each bottle. The shipping fee increases slightly for each additional bottle. This means more wine for less! So go ahead, add the second (or third…) bottle.
I am buying gifts for many lucky people! How does shipping to multiple addresses work?
If you are going to create many personalized wine bottles and are sending each WineGreeting to a different location, then you will need to make separate orders for each individual address the wine bottles are being shipped to. If you have many addresses with the same label, please contact us and we can make your ordering process easier!
Do you ship internationally?
We do not ship internationally. We ship within the United States only. For a complete list of where in the United States we ship see the our Shipping page